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The Lunar Crystal Kit is perfect to use with New & Full Moon phases. It supports & enhances releasing, intention setting & manifestation with the moon. Each kit contains 1 each of Amethyst, Rainbow Moonstone, Labradorite, Selenite & Clear Quartz tumble stones as well as a Palo Santo stick to cleanse and clear your aura, surrounding space & crystals.

Amethyst transmutes lower emotions, negativity, fear & insecurities into light. It grounds higher frequencies into your physical life & heightens your intuition while offering protection.

Rainbow Moonstone is a powerful crystal to tap into lunar energy. It enhances intuition, psychic abilities & feminine energy while bringing forth emotions & insecurities that need to be released. Moonstone helps you to connect to & integrate your higher self.

Labradorite is connected to the energy of both the sun & moon, illuminating light & dark. It can reveal what needs to come to light & what needs to fall away or be balanced. Labradorite heightens your intuition & connects you to your higher self & guides.

Selenite is named after the Lunar Goddess Selene. It offers a profound connection to lunar energies bringing peace, joy, light, protection & positivity. It aids in processing lower emotions while transmuting negativity. Selenite super charges your intentions & clears negativity and blockages.

Clear Quartz is high vibration, highly programmable stone. It offers cleansing & protection while enhancing the energy of your intentions, crystals & lunar energy. 

Included is 1 x Lunar Crystal Kit containing 5 tumble stones & 1 Palo Santo stick. ( Moon dish not included)

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