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Merkaba also spelt Merkabah, is an ancient sacred geometric symbol made of tetrahedrons that share the same vertical axis and the same center but are pointed in opposite directions, forming a star. The two pyramids pierce each other symmetrically and rotate in opposite directions, in perfect synchronicity. This three-dimensional star takes its name from Mer for light, Ka for spiritand Ba for body. The Merkaba is one of the highest vibration geometric shapes and it is found in everything. This star symbolises perfect balance of yin (feminine) + yang (masculine) energy, the unity of opposites and balance of mind, body + spirit.

Tigers Eye increases your personal power and will power. It transforms negative self thoughts into courage and self confidence. It helps to keep your mind sharp and focused and shifts your mindset to a positive outlook. Tigers Eye is a grounding and protective stone repelling negativity. It also brings good luck and prosperity.

Chakra | Solar Plexus, Sacral + Root

Zodiac | Leo + Capricorn

Size | approx 2.5cm

Included is one Tigers Eye Merkaba intuitively chosen by us

Due to screen variations, colours may appear slightly different.

✧✧To reduce our environmental footprint, we do not add printed crystal meaning cards in our orders. However, we do have an online index that is continually updated or If you would like printed cards added please leave a note at checkout requesting them. ✧✧

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