Green tourmaline inspires love, compassion + patience. It helps you to connect to your emotional body, bringing an understanding of how you feel and getting to the root of your emotional pain. By opening + stimulating the Heart chakra, It gently brings forth trauma + pain that has been holding you back and helps you to understand how you can heal from it. Rejuvenating life force energy, it helps relieve fatigue + exhaustion and supports detoxification on all levels. Spiritually it balances energy, transforming negative energy into positive, and heightens awareness, consciousness, + connection to nature spirits.

Inspiring focus, stamina, and courage, it pushes you to positively grow in the direction of your higher purpose. It is also said to effectively help with overcoming fears, claustrophobia, panic attacks + hyperactivity. Carry Green Tourmaline to attract luck, abundance + prosperity.

Chakra | Heart

Zodiac | Libra + Capricorn