White Aragonite, aka Cave Calcite, is said to be an Earth Healer, bringing grounding, peace, wisdom, and clarity. It encourages one to take responsibility and care, not just for yourself but also for the Earth.

Connecting your Crown and Root chakras, it centers and stabilises assisting to ground spiritual growth into the lower chakras, raising the consciousness and vibration of the body. Meditating with White Aragonite deepens meditative states, connecting you to higher spirituality + realms and assisting with the development of psychic abilities.

White Aragonite cleanses the Auric field and Chakra column, absorbing and transmuting negative energy, before returning it back cleansed and amplified. It assists with releasing past issues and present attachments, helping to with personal growth.

Aragonite promotes motivation, focus and concentration and can be a helpful tool for studying + those who lack discipline and self-control.

Chakra | Crown + Root

Zodiac | Capricorn