Ocean Kyanite is named for the stunning hues of the Australian coastal waters. It is a high vibrational stone that will capture and dispel negative energies + clear blockages. It restores flow to all chakras of the body, clears the meridians + balances yin/yang energy.

Kyanite is an excellent stone for mediation + facilitates ascension and connection to your guides while protecting and strengthening your psychic abilities. It assists with communication on all levels + connects your mind to higher frequencies. 

Kyanite has a serene calming effect leaving you feeling tranquil + at peace. It is a natural pain reliever It  + can dispel anger, frustration and stress. Kyanite promotes dream recall + can aid in having healing dreams. It is said to assist in disorders of the throat, brain + muscular system. 

Chakra | Third Eye + Throat

Zodiac | Aries, Taurus + Libra