Spiralite Shell is a unique agatized fossil estimated over 100 million years old. A recent find in the Tethys Sea, India, they were once a leftward spiralling conch shell, that over time has been replaced with Chalcedony and Druze Quartz.

Combining organic life with the crystalline form, they carry ancient wisdom of the earth and sea. They are refreshing to the entire being, from the etheric to the physical body, bringing a boost of vitality, and harmonising energy at a cellular level. Holding the sacred energy of the spiral, they evoke feelings of kinship and remind ‘one of the natural cycles of birth, growth, and death, and that everything is connected as one.

Expanding your awareness + consciousness, they form a connection to the higher realms and Akashic records, assisting to access spiritual wisdom, knowledge and communication with spirit and the divine beings of the sea. They assist in the development of psychic abilities and when used in meditation, can help one to awaken dormant spiritual gifts.

Chakra | Crown + Third Eye

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