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A Crystal kit curated with the essential crystals everyone needs in their collection.

  • Amethyst - offers protection, calms anxiety + nerves, relives stress.
  • Clear Quartz - will open up the mind, cleanse negativity + blockages, expands consciousness + psychic abilities, radiates positive energy, amplifies energy.
  • Blue Lace Agate - offers calm, peace + tranquility, relieves fear, anxiety + negative emotions.
  • Smokey Quartz - grounds + protects while it wards of negative energy + bad dreams.
  • Selenite - cleanses crystals, the aura + surrounding area, amplifies crystal energy.
  • Tourmaline - the ultimate protective stone from all negative energy, clears blocks, promotes positive attitude.
  • Rose Quartz - opens the heart to unconditional love, raises self esteem, fills you with love + positivity.

Included is 1 Essentials crystal kit intuitively chosen by us. As stones are unique, each kit will differ in stone size, colour and shape.

Due to screen differences, colours may appear slightly different.