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A Crystal kit curated with the essential crystals everyone needs in their collection.

  • Amethyst - offers protection, calms anxiety + nerves, relives stress.
  • Clear Quartz - will open up the mind, cleanse negativity + blockages, expands consciousness + psychic abilities, radiates positive energy, amplifies energy.
  • Blue Lace Agate - offers calm, peace + tranquility, relieves fear, anxiety + negative emotions.
  • Smokey Quartz - grounds + protects while it wards of negative energy + bad dreams.
  • Selenite - cleanses crystals, the aura + surrounding area, amplifies crystal energy.
  • Tourmaline - the ultimate protective stone from all negative energy, clears blocks, promotes positive attitude.
  • Rose Quartz - opens the heart to unconditional love, raises self esteem, fills you with love + positivity.

Included is 1 Essentials crystal kit intuitively chosen by us. As stones are unique, each kit will differ in stone size, colour and shape.

Due to screen differences, colours may appear slightly different.

✧✧To reduce our environmental footprint, we do not add printed crystal meaning cards in our orders. However, we do have an online index that is continually updated or If you would like printed cards added please leave a note at checkout requesting them. ✧✧

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