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A Crystal kit curated to help support you on your health journey.

  • Golden Healer - facilitates the flow of energy, activates healing on all levels.
  • Bloodstone - cleanses the blood + cells of debris.
  • Ruby Zoisite - aids in multidimensional healing at a cellular level, strengthens life force.
  • Orange Calcite - cleanses + revitalises the physical body.
  • Tourmalinated Quartz - encourages the body to naturally detoxify, balances energy, releases tension.
  • Hematite - harmonises the body, mind + soul, removes excess energy, neutralises toxic emotions, regulates blood supply.
  • Apophyllite - cleanses the body + mind of negative energy.

Included is 1 Health crystal kit intuitively chosen by us. As stones are unique, each kit will differ in stone size, colour and shape.

Due to screen differences, colours may appear slightly different.