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Petalite is a high vibrational stone, enhancing connection to the angelic realm + assisting in safe spiritual communication. As a shamanic stone, it raises your vibration, purifying your aura + mental body and keeping you grounded during spiritual journeying.

It is particularly helpful in cord cutting, neutralizing black magic, karmic and ancestral healing + deepening meditative states. Petalite soothes the emotions, worry, stress + anxiety, bringing you to a calm, focused and balanced state. Clearing + strengthening the heart, it encourages self-love, emotional healing, compassion and opening your heart to give + receive love.

By balancing the meridians, it allows for smooth flow of energy throughout the body. Petalite is great support of healing, particularly in cancer treatment, regenerating cells, aiding the endocrine system + removing stagnant energy.

Chakra | Soulstar, Crown + Heart

Zodiac | Leo

Size | approx 1.5 to 3cm

Included is one Petalite tumble intuitively chosen by us

Due to screen variations, colours may appear slightly different.

✧✧To reduce our environmental footprint, we do not add printed crystal meaning cards in our orders. However, we do have an online index that is continually updated or If you would like printed cards added please leave a note at checkout requesting them. ✧✧

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